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We’ll drive your brand.

Our ads on wheels follow carefully planned and selected routes, parking at strategic points throughout the day. Complement this full colour, eye level advertising with our professional static billboards and posters. Or for a vibrant outdoor solution that is perfect for targeting local eyes, let us handle the full logistics of a street pole advertising campaign.

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Event Posters

A1 correx and/or masonite boards for event and political campaigns. Including printing, flighting, removal and council applications nationwide.

Street pole posters are strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring your message is seen by the local community. Whether it's a event, store promotion, or awareness campaign, this advertising medium brings your brand directly to the people in the immediate vicinity.

Large Format Billboard Advertising

High frequency, large impact, endless design opportunities and you simply cannot escape it, are just a few advantages of using Out of Home (OOH) Advertising.

Our team has access to high quality nationwide demographics, an up to date database of national campaign sites, and 28 years OOH experience. Outdoor campaigns are a significant investment, and by choosing Vibrant Outdoor to walk you through the journey, you’ll be able to hit the right audience at the right price. We aren’t tied to any one supplier, which means you don’t have to compromise on location, audience, demographics or service. Vibrant Outdoor will source the most suitable, customised sites for you with your target market in mind.

We offer short and long term contracts at affordable rates and, and by partnering with us have access to other valued added outdoor services to ensure your outdoor campaign reaches far and wide.

Billboards have a guaranteed audience as your message gets displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us know to find out more about the Vibrant Outdoor advantages.

Street Pole Ads

By targeting local eyes with these street poles, which are highly visible to vehicular traffic and are ideal for the introduction of new products/services. Marketers use street poles/posters to achieve advertising objectives and increase brand awareness by placing multiple units in strategic locations.

Posters can be placed up on the weeks leading up to events for a successful outcome.

Mobile Billboard Advertising

Today’s audiences are highly mobile and outdoor advertising has become a highly effective marketing medium. Mobile media has proven to be a powerful branding exercise with full colour, eye level and eye catching messages, driving your message into the minds of your target audience.

2 large format PVC Flex banners that are reusable are driven through  carefully planned and selected routes, parking at strategic points throughout the day - Perfect for Store Openings, Product Launches and Outdoor Activations.

Enhance your overall campaign by combining our Impact Marketing service with mobile advertising advertising flighting your message during peak traffic hours.

Mobilizing Your Brand

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