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How Vibrant Direct is Pushing the Boundaries of Nationwide, Outdoor Media & Advertising

Vibrant Direct began as Vibrant Promotions & Distributors in 1990 by Caroline Nunes Dassonville as a family owned, KZN based, Pamphlet Distribution company. In 1994, Caroline’s late husband, Michael Nunes, joined the business and together they grew the company into a successful nationwide distributor of flyers, newspapers, samples and magazines.

Vibrant developed a strong, supportive Team, with Michael Butcher, who joined in 2002, General Manager of Vibrant Direct and Savy Naidoo, a long standing, dedicated team member, heading up sales. Over the years, with prompting from their regular clients, other services were introduced. Customizing outdoor marketing campaigns that include flyer distribution, street pole advertising, mobile, static and digital billboards and store revamps and openings. Vibrant specialize in bespoke campaigns with unique solutions focusing on improving Client’s business performance.

With a nationwide infrastructure and depots throughout the country, Vibrant can offer your business the means to target near and far, utilizing cost effective media services to reach and deliver your advertising message directly to the home or hands of your target market. To date, Vibrant Direct is identified as a renowned, nationwide Outdoor Activation and Media Distribution specialist.

As trends change, so must companies adapt to remain competitive by implementing a marketing mix of traditional and digital resulting in Darren Nunes heading up Vibrant Outdoor Pty Ltd, specializing in large format digital and static billboards, taxi and bus branding and mall media nationwide. Offering additional services in the digital and commuter platform, Darren works hand in hand with our Team.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

At Vibrant Direct, we are a family that is proud of our brand and that live by our values. We are passionate about our people and dedicated to developing, inspiring and recognising our talent. It is our duty to ensure economic, social and ecological well-being for all South Africans.

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Nationwide, Outdoor Media & Advertising specialists, offer fully comprehensive marketing campaigns to suit your budget, large or small, local or nationwide.
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