Vibrant Activation

Vibrant Activation

We’ll create a vibe. Our carefully selected professionals can be branded with your choice of T-shirts, caps and bibs. Do you need brand ambassadors or promoters at an event or shopping mall? Pamphleteers at traffic intersections? Or a strategically placed arrow spinner with over 300 different tricks pointing potential customers towards a store opening? We provide a wide range of fun, unique, exciting or serious ways to create a buzz with our vibrant activations. We’ll also help you build market intelligence with branded fieldworkers conducting face-to-face interviews, focus groups or telephone surveys.

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Outdoor Activations and Store Campaigns

Vibrant Direct offer fully comprehensive, tailor made marketing campaigns to suit your budget and target your market.  From conceptualization to execution we have proven, effective and affordable marketing methods that deliver results that are naturally Vibrant! Combine a variety of our service offerings from Mobile Billboards, Door to Door Flyer Distribution, Strategic Robot/Intersection Distribution, Foam […] Read More

Impact Marketing using Branded Promoter

Face to Face marketing creates a sensational impression on your Target Market.  Our carefully profiled and well briefed Promoters are strategically positioned at selected shopping malls, intersections, campuses or events such as Store Openings, offering you’re the perfect opportunity to interact with your customer.  Branded promotional wear together with creative and innovative campaigns create the […] Read More

Arrow Spinners

Arrow Spinners are a fun and exciting, interactive form of advertising. Positioned at strategic points around or close to your Store, with over 300 tricks, together with attractive, bright coloured signs with your company logo. Arrow Spinners stand out from the crowd. Interactive Marketing Read More
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