Vibrant Direct’s advanced track & reporting system can offer you:

  • Econz Tracking – realtime
  • Visual Closure Reports
  • Photographic evidence of work in progress
  • Integrate into social media steams
  • Up to date demographics nationwide

How it Works?

  • Cell phone software that enables mobile workers to log clocking in/out, tasks, sub-tasks, cost codes, lunch period, breaks and custom fields.
  • Simple web based software that enables ‘live timesheet’ viewing of mobile worker status, both past and present.
    Messaging capabilities which allows messages to be sent from the web interface to individual or groups of workers in the field
  • Ability for a supervisor/team leader to clock team members in and out from one device
  • Management is able to view jobs, tasks, sub-tasks, cost codes, mileage, breaks and location of mobile workers.
  • Timecard offers GPS Tracking and is available on All Wireless Carriers!
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